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  1. 8ヶ月前

    Welcome to a site dedicated to one of the magnetic and charismatic stars of the silent era: Rudolph Valentino.
    Why is that this site headed with the Falcon Lair masthead? Rudolph Valentino's dwelling, his retreat from the world, his personal world was at No. 2 Bella Drive. valentino sale handbags named it Falcon Lair. Falcon Lair, as Valentino knew it, isn't any extra. It's right here you will discover his virtual retreat and residence, Falcon Lair - Rudolph Valentino Online.
    One of the objectives of this site, apart from being informative and entertaining is to present an accurate portrait of Rudolph Valentino the man opposed to Rudolph Valentino Shoes Sale the myth. Rudolph Valentino was so much more than a fairly face. Dancer, actor, movie rebel and film icon in private life Valentino was additionally a man of style and refinement. He was relaxed, snug in his own pores and skin, happy with his heritage and Valentino Rockstud Slingbacks but was earthy, too. He enjoyed placing on overalls and ripping his vehicles apart.
    It is obvious based mostly on the email and inquiries this webpage receives, his title still evokes a magic that's not reserved for any of immediately's present stars. There is a good likelihood that had been he alive immediately, he can be proud and joyful that so much of his work survived and is appreciated by a modern audience. Better nonetheless, he'd be so happy that he is remembered not solely as a film icon, but as a really unique particular person, a man and never simply that image on the display.


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