The Most Dangerous Part Of Your Car - Your Seats

  1. 2年前

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    EMP - This is short for Electro-Magnetic Pulse which is the result of nuclear warhead being detonated many miles above the ground. The purpose of a real nuclear attack is not to kill people through blast or radiation, as the burst is a lot more than 100 miles up, but to take good thing about the intense burst of electro-magnetic souped up that is made having a nuclear explosion. At high altitudes, a nuclear explosion's electro-magnetic energy will 'ride' such as the earth's own magnetic field and destroy the power grid and most electronic circuits from horizon to horizon. This is a bloodless method for an enemy to plunge America into darkness, plus it would take decades to rebuild all of the electrical infrastructure. Think of lacking electricity for decades. All cell phones will be useless and the circuitry inside your vehicle could be ruined. This is almost a doomsday scenario, as Americans could have no gas, water or food deliveries.

    The use of bills of credit quickly spread for the other colonies. But because of the ease that bills may be created, most colonies eventually over-issued them. As more and more bills were issued so that as their redemption in coin became less and less likely, the value of paper currency plummeted. In one extreme case, a concern of bills printed by Rhode Island depreciated within a few years to 4 % of the company's original value.

    We are now living in a land of plenty now. We have mastered economic techniques which encourage the majority of the planet to live in comfort and security. In fact you will find there's surplus. But what do we all do your wealth? Do we kneel at God's altar and sing His praises? Do we make certain that the poorer among us are well fed and with a lack of nothing? Do we turn to those countries experiencing deprivation and help them to? Do we humble ourselves before our creator?

    The difference between just normal emergency preparedness, for the prepper, is truly one of "honesty" and "courage." The prepper is honest with himself enough to understand how a bit emergency preparedness doesn't help you a lot unless the disaster is extremely, very brief. And the prepper gets the courage to look at steps to ensure their "preps" are robust enough, because "if it really is worth doing, it really is worth doing right."


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