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    Until recently, nonprofits and businesses have exited in separate realms. Debra Larson, Entrepreneur, Mentor & an award-winning Business Coach, empowers highly conscious women entrepreneurs around the world on how to take their brilliance to the next level. Here are some critical questions every social entrepreneur needs to ask him or herself when starting a new business.

    There are many ways to build a business that focuses on more than just the bottom line and can actually play a valuable role in addressing serious social, environmental and health issues for people around the world. Energy auditing and green consulting: Work with businesses or individuals to help them implement strategies to reduce their carbon footprint.

    The future is being created by community leaders who can support conscious transformation in the world today through social business as a vehicle for economic and spiritual empowerment. Conscious businesses focus on their purpose beyond profit. Solar panel installation: Install solar panels for sustainable energy in homes or businesses.

    Lori Hanau is dedicated to supporting shifts in consciousness, communication, and community in the workplace. You'll tap into not just my personal experience from building multiple six figure businesses while raising a family, but my well honed business + lifestyle design strategies that have changed the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs.

    When we got started it was really important for us to be connected to the source in an authentic way, really understand shea butter and how it's made and have control over the quality." Alabi's investments allowed her to create both a successful finished-product brand and a lucrative supply business, which made up 65 percent of her earnings up until last year.

    It's not uncommon for social entrepreneurs to underestimate how much funding they'll need to get started because many don't have a realistic expectation of how long it will take to generate substantial revenue for the market. We work with people who want to enjoy where they work and be the best they can be at what they do. Often these people are led by purpose and a desire to have a positive impact.

    And as the business landscape evolves and businesses are becoming more connected and more visible, it's becoming more fashionable to be a conscious business. Spend some time on the national Conscious Capitalism website , where you'll uncover videos and best practices to guide you in creating your company's higher purpose.

    4 However, it is possible for such a business to be taking part in the conscious business movement if it is taking conscious steps to be more aware of its social and environmental affects, and to adopt more beneficial social or environmental practices.

    Changemakers works to build this movement by searching, selecting and supporting entrepreneurs, delivering ground-breaking analysis, accelerating company intrepreneurship, and creating strong partnerships that will drive the movement forward. For many small businesses, social responsibility starts with your community.

    Dynamic Business is the premier destination for SMEs and startups seeking news and expert advice as well as inspiration from Australia's leading entrepreneurs. The more work we are doing on ourselves, our lives, visit our website businesses, our companies, and our life roles the more conscious our decisions become.

    Laura's proven 7-step Blueprint to building a profitable Conscious Business that delivers big IMPACT. This becomes your why and guides you through tough times of your journey and this is the BIGGEST difference between a conscious business and a conventional business.

    The goal is to become a profitable conscious business that aligns and harmonizes the interests of employees, customers, suppliers, the community, and shareholders. Green businesses strive to have a positive impact on the environment and their community. For this reason, small businesses can often forget that there is an array of incentives and rebate schemes available to make energy-efficient changes financially viable.

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